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eBook on Smashwords

Private Practice Preparedness is available in eBook format, for any platform, on Smashwords.

Softcover on Amazon

Private Practice Preparedness is available in softcover on Amazon.

Pre-Purchase Questions

What is the difference between the eBook and print version of the book?

The print and eBook version both have identical content.  Purchasing either will also allow you to download the valuable templates, allowing you to quickly create your plan to comply with ethics requirements.

I Don't Have An eBook Reader. Can I still purchase the book?

Absolutely!  Our eBook is available in multiple formats which will allow you to read it on your desktop/laptop computer (Windows or Mac) or on your mobile device (phone or tablet, iOS, Android, or Windows).  For more information on each, please review the answer appropriate to your device below.  Also, Private Practice Preparedness is now available as a print book through Amazon!

Are There Any Discounts or Coupons Available?

We are already offering discounts/coupons to groups, like professional organizations. Be sure to check with your professional organization(s) to see if they are participating in our program. If they aren’t, please feel free to have them contact us.  We welcome the opportunity to provide group discounts!

Am I Allowed To Modify The Templates That Come With Private Practice Preparedness?

Once you have registered your purchase of the ebook, Private Practice Preparedness, you are entitled to download and modify the templates for your personal use. You are also entitled to download any future templates we add here at the web site. The license prevents sharing the documents with others who have not purchased the book. Following is the full license for use, which is also included with each document:


Copyright License Agreement for Limited Use of e-book Private Practice Preparedness: The Health Care Professional’s Guide to Closing a Private Practice Due to Retirement, Death or Disability and Accompanying Documents [hereinafter called “PPP”]

This license agreement is entered into between Rob Reinhardt, LPC-S, M.Ed., NCC and Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler, J.D., Licensors, and the Purchaser/Licensee, effective on the date of purchase of PPP by Purchaser/Licensee. PPP is protected under the U.S. Copyright Act and all other applicable international, federal, state and local laws. All rights are reserved. PPP is licensed for the exclusive use of the original purchaser of PPP. By downloading and using PPP, the Purchaser/Licensee accepts all terms and conditions of use.

In consideration of payment of a one-time license fee, including in the purchase price of PPP, Licensors grant the original Purchaser/Licensee the right to download materials and make copies for personal use, including review and modification by Purchaser/Licensee’s personal attorney. Purchaser/Licensee agrees to inform his/her personal attorney of the limited license granted. Any other use, sale, duplication or reproduction is prohibited.

Limited Warranty

This e-book and accompanying documents [PPP] are sold “as is,” without any express or implied warranty as to the performance or results to be obtained by download and use. In the event to any problem downloading or using PPP, Purchaser agrees that his/her sole remedy is a refund of the purchase price.


Private Practice Preparedness: The Health Care Professional’s Guide to Closing a Private Practice Due to Retirement, Death or Disability and accompanying documents are designed as user-friendly guides for health care professionals and may be shared with their local attorneys according to the limited license granted above. The information presented is not intended to substitute for appropriate personal legal and financial advice. State laws and licensure regulations differ, so the purchaser is encouraged to seek personal legal and financial advice.

Purchase Questions

Where Can I Purchase the Private Practice Preparedness Print Book?

The print version of Private Practice Preparedness can be purchased at Amazon.

Where Can I Purchase the Private Practice Preparedness eBook?

Our book is available at Smashwords, iTunes , Barnes & Noble, as well as other eBook retailers.

Accessing/Reading Private Practice Preparedness

How Can I Read the eBook On My Personal Computer? (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet)

If you purchase our book from Smashwords, you can use their built-in reader to read eBooks via your web browser.  Alternatively, many of the formats available there are easily read on a computer or tablet. Read their FAQ for more details.

How Can I Read the Book on my iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?

If you don’t have a discount code, you can purchase and download the book directly from iTunes.  If you have a discount code, you must purchase from Smashwords to use it.  Then follow their instructions for loading the book onto your device.

How Can I Read the eBook on My Kindle or Through My Kindle App?

First, purchase the book from Smashwords.  Then, click here to read detailed instructions on how to download our book

How Can I Read the eBook on My Nook, Sony Reader, or Kobo?

First, purchase the book at Smashwords.  Then, click here for instructions on how to download.

Where Do I Go To Download the Templates?

Once you have purchased the book, click the “Register” menu item at the top of the page. After registering your purchase and creating your account, you’ll be able to log in and download the templates.